Proposal #1

Sorry, didn’t mean to neglect this right after setting it up. Home internet is dialup (it’s that or nothing — I know, right?!) and work is most insane over the summer. But working on some thoughts here. Feedback please!

1. IMO, a Worldcon or Worldcon-sized SFF convention should be able to tell *if* they will have kid programming, and if so what ages it will serve, during the bid process.

2. Smaller conventions should have that info available at the time they open registration.

3. In both cases, if kid programming is to be provided, the convention should also be able to say if it will be (and here I invent some terminology; if the terminology already exists please let me know) utilizing one of these policy types:

  • No Doorkeeping:  there will be no monitoring of children leaving the space
  • Opt-Out Doorkeeping: there will be doorkeeping where children will not be able to leave the space unless prior permission is given to the program runners
  • Age-Based Doorkeeping: children over a certain age will be allowed to leave at will, where others below that age will not.
  • Absolute Doorkeeping: children in the program will not be allowed to leave without their parent/guardian.

Thoughts on these?


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